At Vatsalyam, you will be a member of our extended family and your stay is not going to have the regimental effect of the one in a hotel.

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Vatsalyam: The highest form of affection. Literally.

The highest form of affection is what you are going to experience at VATSALYAM in every way.
It in itself has a very natural location overlooking a dense deodar (Cedar) forest with a brook at its feet all with a bucolic touch – yet being at the fringe of the town. There is a beautiful walk through the forest. Walking all by yourself you can rediscover your ownself –the realself.

The accommodation is very homely and especially suitable for family getaways.
There is a lovely terrace to add fun to your evening sittings and enjoying of the beautiful star studded sky. Enjoy your evening tea in the garden while sitting on the wooden logs with seasonal flowers and stone fruit trees. Experience a real taste of homely Himachali food with dining facilities on the terrace with an open sky, twinkling stars and bonfire or just watch your familiy’s favourite movie while relaxing on the couch and enjoying the togetherness. The food served is homely, Himachali and vegetarian prepared with special care towards hygiene and cleanliness.

Being close to nature Vatsalyam believes in giving back to the Mother Nature in every possible way it can. This may involve providing running hot water heated with Solar Energy or using harvested rain water for irrigation and gardening purpose or using energy saving lamps.